Born in 1991

The company was established in 1991 by Alessandro Lovato after three generation of experience on wood work and trading. The company, located in Settimo di Pescantina, Verona, Italy take up a total surface of 6900 ms, divided in 3450 ms covered between production and storehouse where all the raw materials and finished products are stored. 

ARREDO-URBANO-MASSICCIO-Commercio Legnami-Semilavorati


In 2007 Alessandro Lovato Legnami S.r.l. gains specific certifications which confirm that the firm's custody chain follows strict quality standard in order to respect the environment as well as working conditions of all the employees. The company follows and promote worldwide certifications who have the aim to reduce illegal deforestation around the world. 



We like to change! Throughout the years we change in order to be faster while maintaining our quality standards and flexibility. We love serve different needs and this is what kept as alive during 25 and up years of business.


From advance carpentry, to the construction of wooden roof, x-lam panels, semi-finished wood products, and the production of certified laminated timber we are more than happy to serve our customer to the best and we look forward to keep doing what we love.